Thursday, 26 April 2012

places that I have been visited

It's Bali
Oh I loved Bali's beach because it's really beautiful and clean.
I been there in summer.The weather is so hot and I can see a lots of white people did their sun bathing.
I think it was fun to went there because the folks are so nice and pretty friendly to us.

                                                                    It's Thailand 
                                    The places in Thailand are so legend which is almost same like Malaysia.
                                    The people are pretty nice and so helpful.Our journey is awesome where we can visit                           
                                     many history places in Thailand.

                                                                   It's Australia 
                                             I have to tell you , Australia is the best place to go.
                                             when comes to Australia , It's reminds me of some incidents that so funny.
                                             If I go there I'll be going to uncle's house to stay and they'll bring us to travel  
                                             every places.     

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